Donald Trump ‘Not Going to Back Down’ on Trade Deal Without China Concessions

According to a new report on Tuesday, the President of United States Donald Trump will not agree to any new trade deal unless China agrees to make substantive changes to the way it does business.

Citing White House advisers, Reuters reported that China’s offering to buy more American goods is not enough to resolve the trade war, and structural reforms — including how it handles intellectual property — are necessary.

“The president’s said many times how crucial that is, and he’s not going to back down,” President Trump’s top economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, told Reuters.

The two biggest economies of world are facing a March 1 deadline to settle their trade differences before Donald Trump raises tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods from 15% to 25%. The two sides are next scheduled to meet next week.

Separately, Larry Kudlow on Tuesday denied a report that the United States had canceled a planning meeting before those talks due to differences over intellectual property rules. “The story is not true, there was never a planned meeting,” Larry Kudlow told CNBC.

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump ‘Not Going to Back Down’ on Trade Deal Without China Concessions”

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