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New Delhi: Last year, WhatsApp introduced disappearing messages, which allowed users to specify a duration for texts. Unless you have screenshots or anything similar, these messages vanish when the timer expires without leaving a copy somewhere.

As WhatsApp puts it, “the freedom to be honest and vulnerable while conversing with someone knowing that the discussion isn’t being recorded and saved anywhere forever” is the core premise behind disappearing messages.

“Deciding how long a message lasts should be in your hands,” the business claims, citing the introduction of vanishing messages and the “View Once” option for photographs and videos on the platform as examples.

With default disappearing messages and varied durations, WhatsApp has added another degree of customization to messages, allowing users to choose how long they want their messages to “stay around.”

WhatsApp users on Android and iOS now have the option to turn on disappearing messages by default, which will make one-on-one discussions with another person vanish after the specified amount of time. For group chats, this option is also available. Once enabled, vanishing messages only apply to messages sent after that date and do not effect prior texts.

When WhatsApp first started rolling out disappearing messages, the sole period option was seven days. There are now two additional options: 24 hours and 90 days.

When you enable this option, a message appears in the conversation that notifies the participants of the decision taken about how the communication will proceed. This may be turned on and off easily in the settings.

Points about WhatsApp’s Disappearing Messages

-When the Disappearing Messages feature is enabled for a chat, it will only influence subsequent talks. Chats from the past will not be affected.

– All users in a group chat have the option to enable Disappearing Messages, but the admin can adjust the group settings to only allow admins.

– If someone does not check messages in 24 hours, seven days, or 90 days, the Disappearing Messages will be removed from the conversation as planned. It’s possible that a preview of it will appear in the alerts until the app is accessed.

If you reply to a Disappearing Message, the quoted content may stay in the conversation after the timer has expired.

– If a user generates a backup before a message vanishes, the backup will include the vanished message. When the user restores from a backup, however, it will be destroyed.

– Before a communication vanishes, it is possible to forward it to someone else, as well as capture a screenshot or copy the information.

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