LPU Develops System to Measure Bus Speed, Alcohol Intake by Driver

In a bid to ensure to safety of school children, a team of researchers at Lovely Professional University have developed an Internet of things (IoT) enabled smart-safety-system for school buses.

The safety units that has been developed by the researchers can be deployed in school buses for real-time monitoring. It is equipped with sensors to measure speed of the vehicle, alcohol intake by the driver, any shift/ change in the direction of the wheel and communicates sensory data to the data transmission unit, claim the researchers.

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The system which is developed by a team of research, which includes Rajesh Singh, Anita Gehlot, Amit Kumar Thakur, Shaik Vaseem Akram, Lovi Raj Gupta, Manish Gupta and Mahendra Joshi, consists of hardware and software program. The novel safety system provides alerts and informs parents and school authorities about the status of school bus and bus driver via mobile application.

Rajesh Singh, Professor and HoD, Division of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Lovely Professional University said, “School buses are undoubtedly the most convenient mode of student transportation. But unfortunately, there are many issues around the safety of school buses. Therefore, we have designed our safety system which allows parents and school authorities to know the status of the school bus and the bus driver in an easy way.”

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The smart safety system includes a safety unit, data transmission unit, cloud server and a mobile application. It uses sensors and communication modules for providing the health condition of driver as well the bus condition.

The deployed units provide the real-time monitoring of the school bus in which the controller unit receives sensory data from the ultrasonic sensor, alcohol sensor and speed sensor. It uses Global System for Mobile (GSM) and LoRa radio communication module and further uploads the data on a cloud server using the internet. The information can be accessed from the cloud server in real-time via a mobile app.

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