Covid, Lockdown and Troubles, This Too Shall Pass

The year 2020 was very difficult for all of us, many of us lost our close ones, Covid changed the whole world badly. People’s businesses, livelihoods and relationships was also badly affected.

Covid, Lockdown and Troubles

The year 2021 started well but after 3 months the second wave of covid caused more havoc than the previous wave. In the second wave of Covid-19, everyone’s relative, friend, neighbour or any acquaintance left this world behind. For months, all of us were imprisoned in our homes because of the lockdown, due to which all of us had to bear a lot of mental torture.

Although many people have done the opposite, they have taken good care of themselves and their family’s mental condition even by staying at home. Yes, I know it is very difficult, but we can get mental happiness by doing many small things. Like you can take a walk of 15 to 20 minutes on your terrace while enjoying the music.

Lockdown and Troubles: You can watch any web series or a long collection of movies according to your interest. You can help with small household chores with your family. Look, I am not a psychiatrist who can give you any great advice for how to cope with lockdown, I am telling you all these things from my own experience.

Because in all the newspaper articles I have read or watched videos on YouTube, the same things have been mentioned. To cope with tough times, being positive though a necessary beginning may not be enough. One has to be more courageous than just being positive.

Lockdown and Troubles
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Lockdown and Troubles

Perhaps, the word ‘positive’ and ‘positivity’ never had such a dreadful meaning as in the time of corona. You can do yoga meditation and whatever such things that give peace to our body, our soul. Because anyway, all of us are struggling with a lot of difficulties since last year, neither is there any harm in trying all these things once.

Try to keep a positive attitude as much as possible, yes I know it’s very difficult but we have to face this bad phase with great courage. Friends, life is very difficult, with great courage we have to face every problem firmly. There are many such examples in front of us who have improved their conditions by fighting the problems. Yes we all know, practically it is very difficult. But we have no other solution, the IInd name of life is trouble.

Lockdown and Troubles

Rich or poor, there is always some problem in the life of every person. And this is only about lockdowns and covid, this too shall pass my friends. I will end this article with a very nice poetry which I found very motivational. “Mujhe intezaar hai, zindagi ke aakhiri panne ka, Suna hai anth mein sab theek ho jaata hai.” I am waiting for the last page of life, I have heard that in the end everything will be alright.

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