World Liver Day 2021: All You Need To Know About It

World Liver Day 2021: Liver performs various complex functions to keep us healthy, including detoxification and digestion. Everything we eat and drink passes through the liver and thus it can be easily damaged if we don’t take good care of it. On World Liver Day, observed on April 19 to raise awareness about the second-largest organ in the body, let’s understand why it is important.

World Liver Day 2021

Each day the liver secretes about 800-1,000 ml of bile, which contains salts needed for digestion of fats, and removes wastes and toxic matter from the blood. If the liver is damaged, it must be treated on time; a delay can cause Liver Cirrhosis and Liver Cancer. Medical experts say a healthy lifestyle and a balance died are important to keep liver diseases at bay.

What does the liver do: Fights infections and illness, Regulates blood sugar, Removes toxic substances from the body, Controls cholesterol levels. Helps blood to clot, a necessary process that prevents excess loss of blood during injury or cut.

Makes many of the body’s essential proteins, Releases bile and aids in digestion, Responsible for manufacturing cholesterol and triglycerides, Breaks down medications and drugs, including alcohol, Breaks down insulin and other hormones in the body.

When is the World Liver Day 2021 observed every year?

What causes liver disease: Liver disease can be inherited or genetic. Unhealthy lifestyle and eating patterns, Increased consumption of alcohol and junk foods. Overweight, marked obesity and type 2 diabetes

Symptoms of liver damage: Jaundice, sudden weight loss, a decrease in appetite, nausea and vomiting, general weakness and/or fatigue, pain in upper-right abdomen or abdomen swelling.

How to repair or clean the liver: Eat garlic, green and leafy vegetables, apple, walnuts, grapefruit and carrot, Use olive oil, Increase intake of lemon and lime juice and drink green tea.

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