WHO Report Says COVID-19 Likely Has ‘Natural Animal Origin’

WHO report says COVID-19 likely has ‘natural animal origin’ and WHO chief recommends further investigation into how humans were infected. A joint study released on Tuesday by the World Health Organization and Chinese officials on the origins of COVID-19 found that all available evidence suggests the virus is likely to have a “natural animal origin.”

WHO Report Says…

But that it is not possible at this stage to “precisely determine” how humans were initially infected in China. Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus added on Tuesday that WHO investigators were denied access to complete data during the course of the study. He also said that the assessment was not extensive enough and he is ready to deploy more experts for further investigation.

Is the coronavirus disease transmitted by direct contact?

A joint China and WHO report on the origins of the disease says, the transmission of COVID-19 from bats to humans most likely occurred by the virus passing through another animal. The report also concludes that a lab leak of the virus is “extremely unlikely. “

WHO Report Says COVID-19 Likely Has ‘Natural Animal Origin’ via @MasterMindUpdate
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