Exercising With Friend Is The Best Thing

Exercising with friend is the best, you guys must have also experienced this thing. Why exercise only, do anything with good friends, you will have always enjoy. There is an old saying that it is your company or friends that builds your character.

Exercising With Friend

Health is wealth, we have been hearing this saying since childhood. I have always been interested in sports since my childhood and I was not interested in studying at all. Although I am a quite good student upto my sixth grade, after that my interest and performance never returned. Now let’s move on to exercising with friend which is our key discussion.

I also exercise with my friend every morning. My friend calls me on phone every morning and wakes me up only then I am able to exercise. Yes, I also sometimes wake him up by calling him on his phone, but mostly he wakes me up in the morning. After waking me up he reaches at my house about after 40 minutes because he lives about more than three kilometres away from my residence.

I would take another 10 to 15 minutes of sleep until he arrives, he calls me after reaching my place. I live on third floor, it takes me some time to get down. He parks his scooty at my building’s parking, then we both go to the park on my bike. The park is about one kilometer from my place.

Exercising With Friend
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What are some exercises you can do with a friend?

After reaching there, we exercise there for about an hour, badminton, running, jogging, walking, push-ups, skipping and badminton, this is all part of our one hour morning workout. After doing all this, we rest there for 5 minutes and talking about personal, funny and sometimes on political (🙊🙊) issues. All these things make our mood lighter and sometimes we even laugh a lot. That’s why I believe exercising with friend is the best.

Exercising with friend has many benefits, I have studied in many researches in news articles. So, if you want to remain tension free in your life then do exercise daily. And to make your exercise more enjoyable, always do it with a good friend. This is my everday personal experience that I have told you, so choose one of your good friend and exercise regularly with him. You will experience this thing yourself and will motivate many others. Initially, there will be some difficulties in making good habits as part of your daily routine life.

I once read a quote on the internet, “Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know that they are always there.” So, just call your friend right now and follow that I said from the next morning. You need only one hour out of your 24 hours which will keep you healthy forever.

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