The Mystery Of 2020 That Everyone Wants To Know

The mystery of 2020 that everyone wants to know. You might have thought from the title of this article that we are talking about the Covid-19. If you really think so, then for your information, you are absolutely wrong.

The Mystery Of 2020

By the way, the whole world knows that the origin of Covid-19 is China’s Wuhan City but the exact information in not yet available. Perhaps some of you may have also remembered the tragic death of Sushant Singh Rajput. That incident was extremely sad. A 34-year-old Bollywood rising star left this world.

The mystery is nothing but my personal experience, which I am going to tell you. I was born in Delhi and I have lived in Delhi for many years. Actually, the Delhi I am talking about is North East Delhi. Nothing like real Delhi you found here. In 2015 I shifted to a Ghaziabad housing society near Delhi border.

After living in the same flat for 5 years, I shifted to another flat in the same building in January, 2020. I lived on the ground floor, then I shifted to the top floor. The mystery that I have been talking about for so long now starts from here. Two months everything goes well. Then one day the watchman of our building comes and tells us that don’t use the kitchen’s tap water. Gutter is blocked and all the dirty water is over flowing at the ground floor’s flat.

We thought it was only a matter of a single day, after a while everything will be alright. But every second month we started facing this problem. But in real terms, they were facing the real problem who live at the ground floor. Due to this problem, how much money was being spent every month from their pocket.

The Mystery Of 2020
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But for how long this would go on, some solution would have to be found, so one day meeting was held to resolve this problem. I also went to the meeting and guess what did I found there that people are indirectly blaming me or my family that the gutter block has started happening since last year and my family shifted last year, which simply means that the top-floor family is putting something through the pipe from their kitchen or balcony that blocks the gutter straight down.

The meetings continued for some more days. One day while the gutter was being cleaned, an underwear, a tennis ball and a very thick stone came out of the gutter. Then there was a meeting held again. During that meeting, an uncle asks who is doing all this dirty things, then another uncle answers that it is the ‘Mystery’ that nobody knows who is doing this? From there I got the idea to write an article on this mystery.

In the meeting, the problem was resolved that the pipes of the top three floors would be replaced, which would go straight into the gutter, instead via the ground floor. But this trick or ‘jugaad’ didn’t ever happen and the problem increased to the first floor. Now the blocked pipe water is on the first floor. But someone had been among the four of us doing this cheap act and I’m also one of those four. Everyone want to know this so called mystery, Kon daal raha hai pipe mein???

Then one day the problem was solved finally that a pipe drain strainer or trap or jali would be installed in the pipe of each floor, what will happen from this is that whoever puts something in the pipe only that person will face the problem rather than all others. After this solution there has been no problem since that day. Will this mystery be solved or remain unsolved? Who knows. Yes, if I ever come to know in the future, I will definitely tell you in another article.

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