Oil Rallies As Russia Agrees With OPEC+ Not To Raise Output Next Month

On Tuesday crude oil prices rallied, following reports that Russia—the OPEC+ producer that was insisting on a 500,000-bpd production increase in February—has agreed that there would not be another rise in the pact’s production next month.

Both benchmarks were up by more than 3 percent as of 10 a.m. ET, with WTI Crude surging above $49.50 a barrel and Brent Crude trading at $52.80 after several reports emerged that Russia had accepted a compromise not to push for another increase next month.

“An informed source just told me that it appears that #Russia has agreed that there won’t be any increase of 500 thousand bpd for the month of February, but, not the cessation of increase for the month of March,” oil journalist Reza Zandi tweeted early on Tuesday, ahead of the second day of the online meeting of the Joint Ministerial Monitoring Committee (JMMC).

On the first day of the virtual conference on Monday, the ministers failed to reach a deal and adjourned talks until Tuesday. Reports had it on Monday that Russia and OPEC heavyweight the United Arab Emirates (UAE) were in favor of another 500,000 bpd increase in OPEC+ production in February, while most of the other OPEC+ producers were favoring a delay to that increase, due to the surging COVID-19 cases and the new lockdowns imposed to fight them.

Amena Bakr, Deputy Bureau Chief & Chief OPEC Correspondent at Energy Intelligence, tweeted on Tuesday, “According to 2 informed sources: Russia will accept a one month rollover provided there will be an increase in March.”

The start of the meeting on Tuesday was delayed by half an hour and was expected to start at 4 p.m. Vienna time—a sign that delegates and ministers of the OPEC+ group still have negotiating and convincing to do to reach a unanimous decision.

Oil Rallies As Russia Agrees With OPEC+ Not To Raise Output Next Month via @MasterMindUpdate
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