China May Join WHO Global Vaccine Program That u.s. president Trump Shuns

On Wednesday China hinted it may participate in the same World Health Organization-led global vaccine program that United States President Donald Trump said America wants no part of.

The Covid-19 Vaccines Global Access Facility, or Covax, is designed to ensure all countries have equal opportunity to access appropriate, safe and effective vaccines, China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said at a briefing Wednesday in Beijing. “China’s purpose is highly consistent with Covax’s aim,” she said.

In May, President Xi Jinping pledged that a China-developed coronavirus vaccine would be shared with the world. Still, Beijing has yet to confirm that it will become a member. At another briefing last month, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said China was “studying” taking part in Covax.

Many health experts say a multilateral approach to vaccine development and deployment makes most sense if the world wants to avoid conflicts and inefficiencies that would inevitably arise if countries do so alone. Poorer countries in particular could stand to lose if there’s no central coordination and funding for vaccine development.

Hua indicated that China was in close communication — including taking part in a video conference on Tuesday — with the entities behind the initiative, which in addition to the WHO also include the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations and Gavi, the vaccine alliance.

During the call, the parties exchanged ideas on relevant issues and said they will work together to promote research and development, production and distribution of vaccines, Hua said. “Going forward, we will continue close communication with the initiators of Covax,” she Hua. Though short of a full commitment, Beijing’s stance is more encouraging than Washington’s, which has outright refused to participate.

China May Join WHO Global Vaccine Program That u.s. president Trump Shuns via @MasterMindUpdate
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